Attn: Email Account Holder,
Congratulations!! We happily announce to you the draw (#1160) of the Euro-Millions, online Sweepstakes promotion held in London-United
Kingdom. Your active e-mail address attached to the World Wide Web computer generated ticket number: B7607545 4139 with reference number
EAAL/JA2C110P7 and Serial number UK5365/3, Batch number ZA87-2PY, drew the Lucky Numbers: 05 15 17 37 44 Lucky Stars 07 11. This
subsequently won you the lottery in the 1st category i.e. matches 6 lucky numbers as jackpot prize. You have therefore been allocated to claim a
total sum of £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds) in cash is credited to Millionaire Raffle MBFF83772. This is from
A total cash prize of £3,900,000.00 Shared amongst the (6) lucky winners in « 1st » category.
Draw 1160 | Draw Machine: 11 | Ball set: 01 | Friday 02 November, 2018 | Jackpot for this draw £76,369,806
No. of matches No. of winners £s per winner Prize fund
Match 5 + 2 Stars 1 £76,369,806.80 £76,369,806.80
Match 5 13 £13,414.90 £40,244.70
Match 4 + 2 Stars 49 £1,740.80 £15,667.20
Match 4 + 1 Star 1,055 £86.20 £21,981.00
Match 3 + 2 Stars 2,091 £60.70 £36,055.80
Totals 2,320,968 £80,680,359.80
Additional information Jackpot winner(s) Lucky Dip winners Machine used for draw Ball set used
This promotion was drawn based on email address as the key identification for setting up online accounts. All valid email addresses in the World
Wide Web Draw used/participants for the online email promotion version were selected randomly via computer balloting from a global website
collaboration with internet companies like eBay, pay pal, liberty reserve, and Google whom also built their systems and based their membership
registration identity on email addresses supporting this computer draw system done by extracted email addresses from over 100,000 unions,
associations, and corporate bodies and affiliated members to the National Lottery website and their advertisers listed online. This Online
promotion takes place via virtual ticket balloting and it is done Bi-annually.
Please note that you’re lucky winning ticket file and number falls within our African booklet representative office in Johannesburg South Africa, as
indicated in your ballot played coupon. In view of this, your (£650,000.00) would be released to you by our payment department in South Africa.
Contact our Fiduciary agents immediately to commence release of your lottery prize by providing details below.
1. Full Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. Address:
5. Occupation:
6. Email Address:
7. Country of origin:
8. Country of resident:
9. Telephone:
10. Fax Numbers:
For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claim is processed and your money remitted to you in
whatever choice you want to claim your prize. Precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program are in place.
Please be warned!!! To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent and provide her with your winning email and details.
Euro-Million Lottery Fiduciary Agents:
(Mrs. Mary Hanks)
Foreign Service Manager (FSM)
#75 Fox Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg 2001, South Africa…
Tel: +27 71 703 7564
Fax: +27 86 451 8516
« Please do not reply back to the senders address or the source email address, this notification is sent automatically via computer virtual notification
to winning email addresses and a response will not be attended by Human but computer » contact the fiduciary agents above  »
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Dianne Thompson. Online co-coordinator.
Copyright (c) 1994-2018 The UK Lottery International Promotion Inc.
All rights reserved. Terms of Service -Guideline.

Nom/pseudo de l'arnaqueur
Mrs. Dianne Thompson et Mrs. Mary Hanks
Téléphone arnaqueur
+27 71 703 7564
Bien évidemment c'est une arnaque!
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2 Responses

  1. Steph dit :

    Je me suis amusé à répondre et voici le cheminement:

    From: Mrs. Mary Hanks
    Direct line Tel: +27 71 703 7564
    Attn: Muller Damien,
    This is in response to your reference number EAAL/JA2C110P7 with and other details forwarded to this office
    for claiming of your winning prize. We have verified the computerized system and confirmed that you are the
    grand prize winner of £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds) and the sum is still
    unclaimed with your email address winner as selected.
    Option #1. To personally come and collect your winning sum of £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand
    British Pounds), you needed to come down to our payment department office at #75 Fox Street, Marshalltown,
    Johannesburg 2001, South Africa, for collection of your prize. You are required to be present with your
    identification such as your international passport within 3 days from today Tuesday 20th of November 2018.
    Option #2. ATM Card, to issue an ATM Card under your name and send to your address through Courier Service
    (D.H.L) with the address you are going to provide to us.
    Option #3. Through swift electronic wire transfer which would be done through Bank to Bank between our
    Paying Banks directly to the receiving Bank which is the Bank you operate in your country or any nominated
    bank of your choice. You have to send us the following banking details below.
    (1)Account Name:
    (2)Account Number:
    (3)Bank Name:
    (4)Branch Name:
    (5)Branch Code:
    (6)Account Type 🙁 Etc Cheque, Current or Savings):
    (7)Swift Code or Iban Number
    (8)Bank Address:
    Note: All email lottery prizes are insured by a high cover federal Insurance policy. All payout is to be paid full.
    You also need to send us with copy of your International pass-port, I.D or driven license to back up your
    payment application
    Therefore you are to notify us immediately which option 1, 2 or 3 is best suitable for you to redeem your prize for
    immediate processing and submission to the Payment committee to commence the process of redeeming your
    prize. On behalf of Euro-Million Lottery Promotion team, we all are congratulating you once again. Finally we
    advise you to keep your winning number and other information strictly confidential till you receive your fund to
    avoid double claim.
    Kind Regards
    Mrs. Mary Hanks
    (Claim Agent)


    benefits/due to beneficiaries of lottery
    winning customers. Our international remittance department has been informed to initiate a
    telegraphic wire transfer of your funds £650,000.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand British
    Pounds). To your nominated bank account in your country.
    Furthermore, be informed that in compliance with the policies governing our Bank and that of our
    mother body, you are required to pay a total fee of £650.00 (Six Hundred and Fifty British Pounds
    Only) before the transfer process of your funds will be credited into your nominated bank account.
    You should be aware that the F.N.B. bank does not have any right to make any withdrawal or
    deduction of the above charge from your lottery price money.
    This was because; the lottery money was insured in your name and therefore makes it illegal and a
    criminal act for anybody to make any deduction. Also the payment is in accordance with the First
    National Bank of South Africa (F.N.B.) international transfer policies and the F. N.B. Bank being a
    non-dollar account holder with your bank.
    Be strictly advised that it pointless going from one extreme to the other only to rectify a particular
    issue. Please be highly informed that the First National Bank Management has limited time to
    tackle numerous activities within this year.
    To this end, you are bound to adhere to the legal and managerial norms that govern all funds
    transfer before your fund among other funds can be validated for onward transfer. This
    management has its already drawn modalities/terms to be followed; therefore you have unreserved
    impetus to dictate.
    It is either you abide by the legal norms of the First National Bank Management for your fund
    transfer or you forfeit the fund, which would be further diverted to the « Unclaimed Bills » treasury
    and further relinquished as the authorities may mandate… Note the South African Reserve Bank
    and the National Treasury (ministry of finance) together constitute the monetary authority in
    South Africa. The Reserve Bank acts, as the central bank for the country and its banking
    institutions, is co-responsible for formulating South African monetary policy, and is largely
    responsible for implementing this policy.
    The Reserve Bank has a significant degree of autonomy in terms of South African Constitution and
    performs its functions independently, although it holds regular consultations with the ministry of
    finance. Its primary goal, as defined in the Constitution, is to protect the value of the currency.
    This requires the achievement and maintenance of financial stability.
    In order to reduce the vulnerability of the international financial system, increase the worldwide
    effectiveness of anti-money laundering measures, and recognize the progress made in these areas,
    it is imperative that some legal document must be provided from the authorities.
    The required money where meant to be use to procure all the relevant documents demanded by the
    AUTHORITIES and without the provision of the mentioned documents the fund will be confiscated
    and will further be transferred into the South African National Treasury Reserve Account as
    unclaimed funds. This is in accordance with the financial laws of this country hence the laid down
    protocols must be observed accordingly.
    1.To visit us here in South Africa within the next 3 working official day for the payment of bank fee
    in person and also signs some necessary documents that will permit us to approve the transfer in
    your favor.
    2.To contact your agent and make the payment through her so that she will receive the money and
    represent your interest here both for the payment and signing of the papers in your favor. It is left
    for you now to choose either taking a trip to South Africa or you contact your agent (Mrs. Mary
    Hanks), and pay through her.
    Finally, be informed that the F.N.B. bank will not be hold responsible or any legal actions taken if
    you fail to claim your prize money within the stipulated period.
    Thanking you for your expected co-operation.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Dr. Alfred N. Radebe.
    (Payment Director, First National Bank Group)


    En gros il faut débourser £650 pour pouvoir avoir son gain! :-))
    Bien entendu vous ne recevrez jamais rien… Mais vous aurez perdu votre argent!

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